Professional Sailing Team


In the yacht charter business, there are various types of organising yacht charter to the client. The most notable forms are bareboat yacht charter and crewed yachts.

In the case of a bareboat yacht charter, you can rent a professional crew as well. Since we operate with seasoned and well-trained skippers, chefs and hostesses we can offer them for you.

Another form of yacht charter is crew yacht charter, and then the crew on board yacht is determined by the owner.

Yacht member fees:

SKIPPER & fees

up to 49 ft 1.050 EUR/week + food
50-59 ft 1.190 EUR/week + food
over 60 ft 1.400 EUR/week + food
up to 41 ft 1.050 EUR/week + food
42-49 ft 1.190 EUR/week + food
over 50 ft 1.400 EUR/week + food