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Sailing boat vs Motorboat

You are looking to charter a boat for a charter in Yachtium and are not sure what style of boat you need to have for the perfect and idyllic boat charter around Croatian islands.You basically have two main choices or designs of boats to charter - Sailing Yachts or Motor Boats.

These, of course, come in different styles, you get Sailing Catamarans and Monohull Yachts or you can get a Monohull Motor/ Motor Catamaran. To explain the differences and the pros and cons of each type/ style of charter boat I have broken it out into two sections below - Sailing Yachts and Motor Boats.


Monohull vs Multihull

We get these questions all the time: Are catamarans and trimarans really superior to monohulls? In what ways? Does it matter to me? What are the key differences between catamarans and trimarans? Here are the basics:


Motor boats are reserved for dynamicly person with higher demand for speedy vacancy. Stability and speed are two pros factors.